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Training With DAVE WATKEYS

I pride myself on the service I can deliver to you, and this has led to a lifelong process of learning, growing and upgrading what I can offer.

This is not a generic and one-dimensional approach to your health and fitness. 

It is a complete and unique coaching experience that you have never experienced before.

From the plans to the support, to the education, we cover absolutely everything, so we can get you life changing results, both mentally and physically.

Creating change from within can be difficult but we also know that it is the most valuable thing you can do, and we consider it a privilege when you trust us with your own journey.

Join our team, experience priceless growth and let’s create a formidable partnership together. 


Dave Watkeys




No Pain, No Gain


what They’re Saying

Client Testimonials

“One of My goals was to lose the weight I put on whilst living in New York. I had developed very bad eating habits and wasn’t in a good mental state with myself, but Dave, helped me smash my goals quite quickly!

I wanted to feel confident in my own skin again and live a healthier lifestyle overall, which is exactly what he helped me to achieve.

My diet is healthy and balanced and because I know what I’m doing in the gym, my clothes are falling off me. I feel happy and confident.

I’m so much more energetic, my mind is in a much better place, I’m more positive, and I’m happy to be me.

Thank you Dave for helping me achieve my goals! He is a great coach that certainly knows what he’s doing!”


90 Day Challenge

“My journey with Dave Watkeys has honestly been the most rewarding thing I’ve ever embarked on.

Before I joined up with Dave I had tried absolutely everything to lose weight and some things worked, but only for so long and I was never able to maintain my weight loss.

Then I started with Dave and he showed me that you don’t have to cut out certain food groups or go extremely low-calorie diet to lose weight because he gave me some of the best diets I’ve ever been on, they are well balanced and customised especially to what I like and dislike and that made it so much easier and more enjoyable.

Over the last year of following Dave’s programs, I’ve gone from weighing 116kgs to weighing 93kgs and now doing a clean bulk and weighing 98kgs, but its not just that my confidence has sky-rocketed and I’ve never felt better or stronger in the gym in my life


6 month program

“When I embarked on this journey with Dave I had already previously been with several online trainers and I didn’t have the best experiences.

I tried taking my gym career to another level by trying to prep for a show and get on stage. I signed up with a few online trainers and tried to do it for two years, but the diets were really not great. Which ultimately made it virtually impossible to follow and making a person completely miserable.

I decide to join Dave this year and I will never look back. His ambition, knowledge and work ethic is amazing, his diets are basically not even a diet.

I was with Dave for 12 weeks and after loosing 15kg we decided to get me on stage. I’m currently 2 weeks out from my first show and it’s been a breeze. My food has been amazing and most of all Dave really goes that extra mile for his clients. He motivates you just as much as he trains you.”


6 month program


We cover everything you need, to guarantee success within our program. This means that we are also constantly adding new features, value and information to keep you one step ahead.

Premium Transformation Package

We offer a unique and complete coaching experience. In the first part of working with us, we focus on achieving incredible results, building rock solid confidence and setting personal bests in the gym! We refer to this period as the LAUNCHPAD phase.

In phase 2 we continue with our incredible progression but most importantly, we also
place a heavy emphasis on educating you, upskilling you and creating an environment where you finally understand you and your body.We refer to this period as the BULLETPROOF phase.

What You Get

World-class app

Own personal account

Workout tracking

Weight tracking


±7 customized meal options

Snack options included

Free of charge to make changes to your meal plan


Designed to your level of experience

Video example of each exercise

Specific to your personal goals


Quick & painless

Conducted through the app

Track of all your results


New video lessons weekly

Help educate you, explore subjects & develop mental health

Never posted on social media


Movement screening and form checks

Send me videos of you at the gym

Critique and analyse of form


50+ pages of educational content

Meal substitution booklet and guides on how to eat out

Learn how to track kcals and understand nutrition

male and female group chats

Enhanced support

Build a strong community

Ability to learn from one another

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Our transformations are more than just a physical change and we can’t wait to show you why.